Video Production

Whether you are looking to produce a simple web commercial or a complex documentary,
Am Media Group will carry your idea from concept to completion brilliantly.


New York Video Production Concepts; Ideas


Coming up with a great idea is where we start. There’s no way to make a great video without it. It all comes down to one question: What is your story? Telling that story allows us to reach your audience in the most effective way, being creative and staying within your budget.

Video Production Ideas and Concepts


Our team works seamlessly to get the idea into a form that outlines what we’ll create for you. Some of the time, there’s storyboards, sketches, script ideas and all of those combine to help us plan the shoot with you. Other times we use our creative eye on the spot to film the most interesting aspects and create a story around them.

New York Directors; Camera Operators


Whether we’re doing an interview, short film, event video or commercial, what we do best is capturing honest moments that communicate your story. It’s shoot day and we have our team together to make it happen, you’ll see us in our signature EasyMac and Ramen hats.



We sit down with our favorite candy (currently Swedish Fish) and go to town! It takes us a week or so of hiding from the world and then we send you the first draft! If we’ve done our job, you’ll buy us more candy and then we’ll be done.

Motion Graphics & Title Design


This is the fancy part which really make the videos look cool. We love titles, and doing cool lower thirds. We’ve done a lot of fancy intros, and are good friends with Photoshop and After Effects.

Voiceover, Sound Recording & Mixing


When the sound quality is good, it takes any video to the next level. We pay really close attention to sound, especially because we have a background in music production. We’ll add the right music and put it all together.

New York Video Hosting & Distribution


Your video is done, and it’s time to send it out. We’ve launched extremely successful campaigns, which have garnered millions of hits on Youtube and Facebook. From advice on video hosting to DVD packages, and SEO, we’ll figure it out for you

Video Consulting & Training


Having over 10 years of experience in the industry helps us teach our practices and strategies to those that need help and want to learn more. Let’s talk.

What type of video would you like to produce? Here are a few ideas:

Business Profile & Corporate Video Production

Profile Stories

We love making documentary videos for businesses, nonprofits, and musicians. It’s honest and audience really respond to that.

Commercial ad video production nyc

Ads & Promos

Our commercials get to the point and quickly inform customers in an entertaining way.

Educational and Training Video Production in NYC


We’ve sat through enough boring training videos to know how to get attention from sometimes plain subject matter.

Testimonial Videos in nyc


Capture authentic stories and personal experiences that connect with your audience and build credibility.

Real Estate Video Production in new york

Real Estate

Whether you’re an agent or a developer, a professional real estate video makes you stand apart.

Corporate Event Videography nyc

Event Videos

Event highlight videos show the best moments and tell the story in our unique style.


We offer affordable web design and development for businesses from small to large. Our highly experienced team offers cutting-edge technology in our complete website development packages.


New York Video Production Concepts; Ideas


Give us a sketch, or tell us to come up with one, we’ll create an amazing website layout for you. Our award-winning website designs engage users, and utilize cutting edge technology to keep the design modern.

Video Production Ideas and Concepts


If you’ve ever seen website code, it’s not the prettiest thing to look at, but like most raw materials with a little bit of heat and pressure, you end up with a great product. We like to keep an open line of communication in our process to send you updates and show you what we’re creating for you. So we let our web designers do their thing, (can’t forget the Swedish Fish) problem solve, and turn out a great website.

New York website companies, seo


If you’d like to know how much traffic you’re getting, and from what demographics, we provide you with all of the data so you can learn about your site and how to reach your customers best. Using cutting edge SEO, we’ll help you get high Google rankings so you get the most from your site.


We offer affordable web design and development for businesses from small to large. Our highly experienced team offers cutting-edge technology in our complete website development packages.


New York Video Production Concepts; Ideas


We love honesty. Our approach to photography is to showcase honestly the talent, the product, whatever we’re shooting. We’ll talk about your ideas, and see what vision you have for your photos. Then we’ll plan a great shoot.

Video Production Ideas and Concepts


We’re going to have fun, that’s the most important part. If you’re on camera, we’re going to bring the energy out of you, and show your best side. With product photography, we have it down to a science so that the products look amazing and are ready for advertising.

New York website companies, seo


We do minor retouching on photos and will work with the photos so that they’re ready for publication.

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